Secondo corso tenuto al terzo anno del corso di laurea presso la Link Campus University:

Argomenti principali trattati:

  • Unity vs Unreal
  • LightMapping
  • Occlusion culling
  • Bug/Glitch
  • Gerarchia delle memorie (RAM, HD, etc)
  • Multi core / Multi processor
  • 32 & 64 bit
  • Vulkan
  • From hi-poly to low-poly, retopology
  • FPS & performance
  • Single/Double/Triple buffering
  • Motori fisici: Physx, Havok, Bullet, ODE
  • Ottimizzazione dei colliders
  • Intelligenza artificiale, agenti, macchine a stati finiti
  • Navigation & pathfinding
  • Internet, web & intranet
  • Protocolli di comunicazione, TCP/ UDP
  • Multiplayer e gestione del traffico
  • Sicurezza/Pirateria  del sw e delle reti


I was studying how Netfix website works developing a script to reset the password automatically without the need to login and follow the different links simulating a web navigation session, in the meantime i discovered that on 2017 there are still companies like them which let users register using minimum password length 4 characters without any requirements regarding numbers/uppercase/special characters.

There isn’t a captcha to prevent multiple retries so: hello automatic scripts!

This may lead hackers to the stealing of hundreds/thousands accounts passwords using brute force attacks simply using emails lists grabbed from the web.

1234 is still on the top 10 of most common passwords so Neftix why help hackers to guess them?



In questo numero :

  • iOS: un lungo articolo dedicato alle novità introdotte con iOS 10, con diversi mini progetti per mostrarne le potenzialità.
  • Phaser: realizziamo un clone di breakout/arkanoid in Phaser