This Saturday afternoon I started to model in Blender this scene, imaging how a pool game could look like; the day after I imported in URP (2020.2) and started to add lights, post process effects, dust particles, movement dynamic, physics, and much more. So, this is a <24h project.

Client: GHD Helios – HART Studio

Time: two days of development.

Device: Multiple Android tables

Technologies: Kotlin

Description: An app to display new products to customers with multiple selections, video, and other small features.

Client: Buybyme.

Code: by me (Swift, Kotlin, Java)

Graphics: Gaia Zuccaro

Time: a month for each version.

iTunes Price: Free

Description: An application which displays offers by shops; a nice platform made by scratch with PHP/Laravel for the backend and the API, which communicates with iOS and Android apps, Firebase notifications and analytics embedded too.

Web Site:

App Store:

Play Store:<

Client: Wella HART Studio

Time: a week

Device: Vertical Full HD Touch Screen (1080*1920)

Technologies: Android – Kotlin

Description: a remote updated Android-based totem app with video/audio/slides/web browsing etc.

Totem Wella