An afternoon (to create the whole scene it took 10h) I decided to create a sample project using Andrea Coppola assets and free stuff from epic store and megascan. Ambient sounds for night and day mode; AI animated animals. Loved to create day before and later night mode.

An afternoon I decided to recreate the first map of Doom. The full project took 6 hours. 3D models (including the level which was 2d in the original version) from different websites. UI created from scratch using original game textures.

An afternoon I decided to walk inside a swamp. The full project took 5 hours. 3D models from sketchfab, Megascan and some other sites; audio from PixaBay and other sites. Butterflies around..alligators…frogs…and some creatures eyes around…

Client: GHD Helios – HART Studio

Time: a week of development.

Device: Multiple Android tables

Technologies: Kotlin

Description: An app to display new products to customers with multiple selections, video, and other small features.