Many artists have a creative explosion in their first album/s these are my opinions about albums worth to be listened:


  • Damien Rice, first album “O’ : fantastic, second album “9” not worth.
  • Tori Amos: From under the pinkg ‘till Rrom the choirgirl hotel, others not worth.
  • Maria Mena: Cause and effect: what voice!
  • Dave Matthews Band: Before These Crowded Streets: this is a masterpiece, every song has a different sound, it eclipses all the other albums
  • Alanis Morisette : Jagged Little Pill
  • Radiohead: Pablo Honey, the Bends and Ok Computer, others not worth.
  • Blind Melon: Blind Melon (the singer died during the tour so noone can replace his sound).
  • Stereophonics: J.E.E.P. (or the nice Best Of: decade Of the Sun).
  • Ray LaMontagne: Gossip in the Grain
  • José Gonzalez : in Our Music
  • Coldplay : Parachutes: new sound, fresh, sad, really nice; others not worth
  • Imogen Heap: Speak for Yourself, others not worth
  • Fiona Apple: Tidal and When the Pawn… last not worth
  • Creed: Weathered, beautiful
  • Tool: Lateralus
  • James Blunt: Back To Bedlam;


  • Davide Van Der Sfroos : Manicomi, North Italian Folk @ Max; Pica album is nice but Manicomi eclipses it;
  • Luciano Ligabue: all albums until “Buon Compleanno Elvis” after this not worth.;
  • Tiziano Ferro: Rosso Relativo: fresh, sound never seen in italy! Others are not worth;
  • Sergio Cammariere: Della Pace del Mare Lontano;
  • Caparezza: Le dimensioni del mio Caos;
  • Negramaro: Mentre tutto scorre;

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