D-Link DWL-G122

D-Link DWL-G122

I needed a wifi usb dongle for my Leopard (updated to 10.5.7), so i went to a big shop and searched for something with the “Mac-OS Compatible”, i found the D-Link DWL-G122, about 20€, 802.11  b and g not draft n; installed the 10.5 declared drivers and rebooted…KERNEL Panic…tried many times, no luck; it works when you plug but if you disconnect and reconnect you get kernel panic; so checked the hardware inside (RALINK, RT257X family model), searched for the manufacturer, installed his drivers (http://www.ralinktech.com/ralink/Home/Support/Macintosh.html) …works like a charm, or almost…the only drawback is that if you disconnect and reconnect the pen doesn’t works, so using the provided USBWirelessUtility i found an escape : there is a button, Wireless ON/OFF, which powers on and off the dongle, so no need to disconnect 🙂

I contacted the Italian Dlink support:

ME: hi i have a problem with your drivers, they cause Kernel Panic on Leopard.
Dlink: download these drivers
ME: those drivers are for non Intel Mac.
DLink: from your informations you are using a firmware that we don’t own, where did you take it?
ME: it’s the firmware i found installed in the dongle, i never touched the dongle firmware…

They are answering a time a week, this is what a BRAND SHOULDN’T DO WITH HIS CUSTOMERS…

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