Dell Inspiron 1520 and Snow Leopard 10.6

All works flawlessy (audio (use voodoohda), touchpad and keyboard (use voodoops2),  SD card (search post installer package)), ethernet, bluetooth (if you turn on on windows it will stay on after the reboot/shutdown and you’ll be able to use it on mac) except for:

  1. the Intel WIFI AGN4965: follow cause they will be release soon a driver
  2. External Monitor (i’m using natit kext): for now i have not found a way to connect

Note 1: if your distro starts in native 64bit mode ethernet wont work (Broadcom 440x drivers) cause the drivers ar compiled only for 32bit, the other drivers will works flawlessy.

Note 2: if you use osx86tool or kexthelper you will have many booting problems and errors, this is due to the fact that Snow uses a different kext cache file, download “kext utility” latest version, it’s Snow compabible. So use osx86 or kexthelper , and after them use kext utilty.

NOTE: if Installer CRASH try to DISABLE INTEL SPEEDSTEP from your BIOS!

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  1. could you point us in the direction of how you managed this. So far i keep getting a kernal panic on the first boot.



  2. Hi! I’ve installed SL succesfully, everything works except the broadcom 440x. Sorry i didn’t describe it accurately… it works.. but if I going to download something or I do something that needs big traffic and network usage the connection will be dropped. Any idea ?

    1. All the accelerations work.

      Shutdown no, as for Leopard, but i keep always turned on (at least two week on without shutdown) so isn’t so important in my case.

  3. Hi How did you install this? I have a 1720, same hardware as 1520 but with a bigger screen. Iam getting Kernel panin on boot. Thanks.

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