Adobe AIR 2: many news, and multithread support!

Finally a simple way to enable heavy calculation operations in Adobe AIR, using the new Native process API users will be allowed to call and communicate with native applications, so passing an complex structure and letting the CPUs to do the job using C++/C/Java/.NET will be soon allowed.

I faced this problem analyzing huge excel logs using an Excel Actionscript library, the whole interface got  frozen until the end of processing.

I’ll try as soon as possible how the application will work using this new approach.

Athers new really cool additions (copy and paste from Adobe website):

  • Server sockets support: You can listen for incoming socket connections. Using the server socket API, it is now possible to build lightweight servers that run locally, and to communicate across applications using TCP sockets.
  • UDP sockets: You can send and receive messages using the User Datagram Protocol (UDP). For real-time, time-sensitive applications, including multiplayer games, you may find that UDP support in AIR will help provide a better user experience.
  • TLS/SSL sockets:You can now connect to a server that requires TLSv1 or SSLv3 for socket communications. For developers, this means that you have new cryptographic protocols available for accessing sensitive data over network that can help you build more secure applications.
  • More efficient CPU usage: On the Mac, without code change, many applications are consuming 50% less CPU usage when running in the background.
  • Reduced memory usage: Without rebuilding the application, many AIR applications such as TweetDeck are seeing reductions of memory between 15–20%.
  • Smaller runtime installer sizes: The runtime installer sizes for Mac OS and Windows are smaller than AIR 1.5.

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