Doubts about Adobe Flash CS5 and iPhone development.

I’m not very happy about this project, I believe it will bring much confusion and problems than else.

  • Performances: the pre-alpha version creates executable of about 7MB for applications of about 3 sheets, i develop them, same functionalities, on about 700KB. Actionscript uses a virtual machine with garbage collector, iPhone OS doesn’t, so who knows if the Actionscript->Source  Code conversion is the best available, and developers will be allowed to fix it?
  • API sync: how long it will take to Adobe to release the update to be in sync with the official iPhone SDK? Weeks, months? And will be bug-proof? i don’t think so.
  • Bugs: Apple fixes bugs not so quickly, how long it will take for Adobe to fix theirs?
  • Project killed: if Adobe will drop this feature what will happen to the projects developed in Actionscript? You will have to learn Objective-C and redo the project from scratch.
  • Debug: if the conversion made by Adobe will create leaks or crash how the developer will be able to fix them if it create the final package without any Objective-C source? Debugger? how will  work?
  • Compiler: Adobe uses only LLVM, in XCode you can choose between GCC and LLVM.
  • Fast-food programmers: the power of Objective-C is his nature of being so close to C allowing to develop using object-oriented programming; a well trained developer can use C to speed his applications/game: an Actionscript developer will never be allowed to go so deeply (at least for now).
  • Black Box: all the conversions will be hidden to the developer: he has to trush in the Adobe engineers.
  • Multithread: AVM2 doesn’t support to develop multithreaded applications, while Objective-C/C and the iPhone OS yes: did they allow to use this feature or not?

When the first beta will be release we will see hundred of applications and games on the Apple Store developed with this version: bugs, crashes, slow applications, and what else?

Design Patterns teach to decrease to the lower level the coupling, in this way the developer is coupled to Adobe decisions and timing: this is really the

I will test it but without any real interest, I want to have full control on my application/game and to know how in the core my software works: I’m able to dectect and fix bugs in minutes cause i only need to know the language. i’ll never t be forced to wait for Adobe to fix conversions bug hoping that they will be fixed in the “who knows when” fix-release.

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