iPhone SDK 3.x – UIWebView issue: copy:selector

Inside the -(BOOL)canPerformAction:(SEL)action withSender:(id)sender method

when holding the mouse pointer in the simulator on a word of a webpage loaded on a uiwebview this method is called properly, but the copy: selector isn’t analyzed and not even called (but the text is normaly copied) , I’ve opened a ticket o Apple Bug Report.

This bug don’t allow to fully disable the contextual menu on uiwebview, and the only solution is to disable all using javascript on the  loaded page.

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  1. Did you ever get a response on this? I am running into the same issue with iOS 3.2 on the iPad with a UIWebView. Can you share the javascript code you used to get around this?

    graci, arigato.

    1. Sorry no FIX from Apple yet, the answer was fast but they only said:

      “This bug has been closed as Duplicate. We are aware of and tracking this issue under the Bug ID listed above in the bug State (Duplicate/XXXX).”

      So they know but probably it is in a low priority queue.

  2. Im still facing this issue for both copy and define . Did we get any FIX for this defect from apple??

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