DinSAd – Digital Inclusion of Low Skilled Adult People – Card game

DinSAd is a Erasmus (EU) founded project which tries to help adults to understand better the IT world, its made of two main contents: a real card “game” (it’s a “reorder the steps”) and a virtual 3D game.

Role: Software engineer consultant


Comune di Forano e ENAIP impresa sociale (Italia), Dimistra Education & Consulting (Greece), ANUP – International (Romania) – STIFTELSEN KURSVERKSAMHETEN VID U-AUNIVERSITET (Sweden)


The project aims to strengthen adults’ capacity to efficiently use digital instruments as a precondition to improve their personal and professional lives, reducing significantly the inter-generational digital divide trend.

In particular, the project will provide friendly learning tools for low skilled adults in order to support them in reaching specific digital competences, in line with DigComp foundation and intermediate levels.


Development of a physical Board Game in IO2 , and a Unity3D Virtual game during IO3 phases.

What I did:

I wrote the whole QA of Basic/Fonudation and Everyday life/e-partecipation/collboration/e-citizen cards, which covers over the 70% of the whole card game (36 and 28 questions, which spread over 800 cards) in less than a week.

Coming next: Unity3D game.

Link: https://www.dinsad.eu/en/

DInSAd | Digital Inclusion of Low Skilled Adult People