What i’m missing on iphone 3GS

The 3.0 firmware added many features, for my taste I’m missing some of them.

Without Cydia and other hacks il’d like to have:

1) video controls
2) photo controls (image size and quality, and, why not, rule of third grid)
3) options to choose if mail should or not download the emails attachments and or set a limit the max size to avoid download
4) mms image resize options to limit their size
5) simple theme selection to change the boring blue of the interface to the color I like (when developing is allowed why not allow to set in the options for all the components?)
6) 5 or 6 icons on the quick access bar (bottom bar) instead of 4.
7) a simple task manager to see the available RAM and to force a memory to be clear to avoid device shutdown to get the max free ram
8) quick wifi enabler/disabler button
9) possibility to cancel an app download
10) ability to know how many satellites are seen by the device
11) ability to disable a particular location service
12) battery life…longer….

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